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ABEN The Basics of Coml Prop Underwriting and Rating: COPE

ABEN The Basics of Coml Prop Underwriting and Rating: COPE

Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number). 

Instructor Christopher Boggs

3 CE (PC,BR,C3,PA) NYCR-258932

Session 7
Today’s commercial property underwriters use the same information their predecessors used nearly 400 years ago:

  • Construction
  • Occupancy
  • Protection
  • Exposure

Combined, these four elements are known as “COPE underwriting.”

There is no “magic” to commercial property underwriting. The “magic” is in knowing how these four key elements direct the property underwriter’s decision: 1) to extend coverage; and 2) how to price the property. 

All four parts of COPE are detailed in this class. Students leave understanding:

Construction: How to determine the proper construction class (1-6); why square footage matters; and how age affects the underwriting decision? We will also discuss mixed-construction issues – this is worth the price of admission
Occupancy: Why HOW the insured does what they do matters more than what they do
Protection: The basics of sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, alarm systems, fire doors and fire walls and public fire protection; how each affects property pricing will also be discussed
Exposure: The external factors that affect the insured property 

With this information, you will know how to paint the proper property picture to help your underwriter, your client, and ultimately you.

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8/26/2022 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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