New Continuing Ed Requirement applies to licenses renewing on and after April 1, 2022. 

Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number).

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1/24/202209:00 AMNYAIP Certification ProgramWebinar4PC,BR,C3,PAWEBAIP0122
1/25/202209:00 AMNFIP: Are You Up To Date?Webinar3PC,BR,C3.PAWBNFIP0122
1/25/202211:00 AMVU 4 Key Pers & Com Lines Exp Every Agent Must UnderstandWebinarNANAWVU4K0122
1/25/202203:00 PMVU 5 Contractor Coverage Concepts All Agents MUST KnowWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAWVU5C0122
1/26/202202:00 PMABEN EO Roadmap To Policy Analysis Part IIWebinar3All Licenses*ABEO20122
1/27/202209:00 AMPersonal Lines Clients and Their New NormalWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP012722
1/28/202201:00 PMABEN Contractual Risk Transfer, Add Insureds and Cert of InsWebinar4PC,BR,C3,PAABS050122
1/28/202201:00 PMABEN Premium Auditing-What Every Agent Must KnowWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABS060122
1/28/202201:00 PMABEN The Basics of Coml Prop Underwriting and Rating: COPEWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABS070122
1/28/202201:00 PMABEN Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance ConditionsWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABS080122
1/31/202201:00 PMABEN Those Kids and Their CarsWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABKIDS0122
2/1/202209:00 AMABEN Little This a Little That:New Threats & PossibilitiesWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABLITT0222
2/2/202201:00 PMNew York Experience Rating Program ChangesWebinar2BR,PC,C3,PAWBNYXP0222
2/7/202209:00 AMABEN 21st Century Schizoid Man (I'm Going Cyber Crazy!)WebinarNANAAB21ST0222
2/8/202209:00 AMACSR 3 Personal Lines Related CoveragesWebinar7PC,BR,C3,PAWACSR30222
2/8/202201:00 PMABEN COVID-19 Litigation & Insurance IssuesWebinar1PC,BR,C3,PAABCOVD0222
2/9/202201:00 PMABEN Risk Mgmt & Insurance-Why Agents Are NOT Risk ManagersWebinar3All Licenses*ABS010222
2/9/202201:00 PMABEN Understanding the Insurance IndustryWebinar3All Licenses*ABS020222
2/9/202201:00 PMABEN Law of Ins Contracts & Rules of Policy InterpretationWebinar3All Licenses*ABS030222
2/9/202201:00 PMABEN Torts, Negligence and Legal LiabilityWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABS040222