New Continuing Ed Requirement
applies to licenses renewing on and after April 1, 2022. 

Looking for a way to easily meet the new license requirements:  CE Requirement Bundle   and Enhanced Flood for producers who sell coverage through the NFIP  .
Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number).

Live Webinars

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12/12/202309:00 AMNYAIP Certification Program4PC,BR,C3,PA WEBAIP1223
12/12/202312:00 PMABEN Properly Calculating & Insuring the Business Income Exp2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralABPCBI1223
12/12/202301:00 PMABEN Those Kids and Their Cars2PC,BR,C3,PA ABKIDS1223
12/12/202301:00 PMAll Things Ethics: Agent Obligations, Standards and More3 (1 Ethics)All Licenses3 GeneralCEP1212232
12/13/202309:00 AMNew CE Req Bundle: Diversity, Ethics, Insurance Law & Flood3 (1 Ethics, 1 Diversity, 1 Laws/Regs & 1 Flood)3 (All Licenses) 1 (PC,BR,C3,PA) WBQD121323
12/13/202310:00 AMABEN Why Bus Income Is the MOST Important Prop Coverage2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralABWBI1223
12/13/202312:00 PMABEN Why Certificates of Insurance - Just Why?2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralABWCOI1223
12/14/202309:00 AMNFIP Enhanced Flood Course3 Enhanced FloodPC,BR,C3,PA WBEF121423
12/14/202310:00 AMABEN EO Roadmap To Policy Analysis Part I3All Licenses*3 GeneralABEO11223
12/15/202312:00 PMABEN Premium Auditing-What Every Agent Must Know2PC,BR,C3,PA ABS061223
12/18/202309:00 AMABEN COVID-19 Litigation & Insurance Issues1PC,BR,C3,PA1 LREABCOVD1223
12/18/202309:00 AMACSR 2 Personal Automobile Insurance7PC,BR,C3,PA WACSR21223
12/19/202308:00 AMABEN Understand the Importance of Ordinance or Law Coverage2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralABORDL1223
12/19/202310:00 AMABEN Understanding Trucking and Motor Truck Insurance2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralABTRK1223
12/20/202310:00 AMABEN 9 Rules for Reading An Insurance Policy Based on Law2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralAB9RUL1223
12/21/202312:00 PMABEN Ethical Leadership Is Impactful- Don't Tell Me, Show Me1 EthicsAll Licenses*1 LREABETLE1223
12/21/202312:00 PMABEN Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions3PC,BR,C3,PA ABS081223
12/22/202304:00 PMABEN Guiding Tenets of Ethical Leadership1 EthicsAll Licenses*1 LREABGUID1223
12/28/202308:00 AMABEN Rules for Developing the Correct Premium2PC,BR,C3,PA2 GeneralABRDCP1223
12/28/202310:00 AMABEN EO Roadmap To Policy Analysis Part II3All Licenses*3 GeneralABEO21223