New Continuing Ed Requirement
 applies to licenses renewing on and after April 1, 2022. 

Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number).

Live Webinars

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10/25/202102:00 PMGearUP! NY Hero Act Part 3 - Workplace Safety CommitteesNANANAWEBG102521
10/26/202109:00 AM15inONE CE Program: E&O(11 & 4)All Licenses* 15IN110212
10/26/202109:00 AMAgents EO Documentation, Social Media, Cyber and More3All Licenses*3 PCCEP102621
10/26/202109:00 AME&O Risk Mgmt: Updated & Meeting the Challenge of Change4All Licenses*4 PCWBEOR10212
10/26/202111:00 AMABEN Top 5 Life Insurance Uses2LB,C1,LSB,LA2 LAABTOP51021
10/26/202101:00 PMAdventures in Aging Understanding Social Security & Medicare3All Licenses*3 LHCEP1026212
10/27/202109:00 AMVU Why Business Income Is the MOST Important Prop Coverage2PC,BR,C3,PA2 PCWVUBI1021
10/27/202110:00 AMABEN Professional Dev & Acct Management - ACSR 5 - Part 12All Licenses* AB5PT11021
10/27/202101:00 PMVU Properly Calculating & Insuring the Bus Income Exposure2PC,BR,C3,PA2 PCWVUPCA1021
10/27/202102:00 PMABEN Professional Dev & Acct Management - ACSR 5 - Part 22All Licenses* AB5PT21021
10/27/202102:00 PMABEN EO Roadmap To Policy Analysis Part II3All Licenses*3 PCABEO21021
10/28/202109:00 AMABEN Little This a Little That:New Threats & Possibilities2PC,BR,C3,PA2 PCABLITT1021
10/28/202101:00 PMABEN The Basics of Coml Prop Underwriting and Rating: COPE3PC,BR,C3,PA ABS071021
10/28/202101:00 PMABEN Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions3PC,BR,C3,PA ABS081021
11/2/202112:00 PMVU 3 Keys To Getting the Named Insured Correct2PC,BR,C3,PA2 PCWVU3K1121
11/2/202101:00 PMABEN Risk Mgmt & Insurance-Why Agents Are NOT Risk Managers3All Licenses* ABS011121
11/2/202101:00 PMABEN Understanding the Insurance Industry3All Licenses* ABS021121
11/2/202101:00 PMABEN Law of Ins Contracts & Rules of Policy Interpretation3All Licenses* ABS031121
11/2/202101:00 PMPersonal Home & Auto Exposures Your Insured Doesn't Share3PC,BR,C3,PA3 PCCEP110221
11/3/202112:00 PMVU 4 Key Pers & Com Lines Exp Every Agent Must UnderstandNANA2 PCWVU4K1121