Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number).

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6/14/202102:00 PMABEN Flood Program Overview: NFIP Then and NowWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABFLOD0621
6/15/202108:00 AMVU Why Certificates of Insurance - Just Why?Webinar2PC,BR,C3,PAWVUCOI0621
6/15/202109:00 AMThe Evolution of Ethics in InsuranceWebinar3All Licenses*CEP061521
6/15/202110:00 AMABEN Additional Insured Illusion & Feats of Cont Risk TransWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABILLU0621
6/15/202110:30 AMVU 3 Keys To Getting the Named Insured CorrectWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAWVU3K0621
6/15/202101:00 PMInsuring Commercial Transportation ExposuresWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP0615212
6/16/202101:00 PMABEN Torts, Negligence and Legal LiabilityWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABS040621
6/16/202101:00 PMABEN Contractual Risk Transfer, Add Insureds and Cert of InsWebinar4PC,BR,C3,PAABS050621
6/16/202101:00 PMABEN Premium Auditing-What Every Agent Must KnowWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABS060621
6/17/202109:00 AMAgents EO Duties, Operations, Checklists and MoreWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP061721
6/17/202101:00 PMAdventures in Aging Understanding Social Security & MedicareWebinar3All Licenses*CEP0617212
6/18/202110:00 AMABEN When Words Collide...Ins Coverage & Claim DisputesWebinar2All Licenses*ABWORD0621
6/21/202109:00 AMABEN Insuring CondominiumsWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABCOND0621
6/21/202110:00 AMABEN Agency Errors & Omissions - ACSR 4 - Part 1Webinar2All Licenses*AB4PT10621
6/21/202102:00 PMABEN Agency Errors & Omissions - ACSR 4 - Part 2Webinar2All Licenses*AB4PT20621
6/22/202109:00 AMPersonal Lines Cov Concerns: Annoying But ImportantWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP062221
6/22/202111:00 AMABEN Top 5 Life Insurance UsesWebinar2LB,C1,LSB,LAABTOP50621
6/22/202101:00 PMNailed It: Understanding Ins Reqs in Construction ContractsWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP0622212
6/23/202110:00 AMABEN Professional Dev & Acct Management - ACSR 5 - Part 1Webinar2All Licenses*AB5PT10621
6/23/202111:00 AMVU 9 Rules for Reading An Insurance Policy Based on LawWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAWVU9R0621