Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number).

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1/15/202103:00 PMVU 5 Contractor Coverage Concepts All Agents MUST KnowWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAWVU5C0121
1/18/202109:00 AMABEN Insuring CondominiumsWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABCOND0121
1/18/202110:00 AMABEN Agency Errors & Omissions - ACSR 4 - Part 1Webinar2All Licenses*AB4PT10121
1/18/202102:00 PMABEN Agency Errors & Omissions - ACSR 4 - Part 2Webinar2All Licenses*AB42011821
1/19/202109:00 AMDead or Alive: The Many Functions of Life InsuranceWebinar3LA,LB,LSB,C1CEP011921
1/19/202110:00 AMABEN Additional Insured Illusion & Feats of Cont Risk TransWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABILLU0121
1/19/202101:00 PMIs This Stuff for Real - Emerging RisksWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP0119212
1/21/202101:00 PMABEN The Basics of Coml Prop Underwriting and Rating: COPEWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABS070121
1/21/202101:00 PMABEN Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance ConditionsWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PAABS081220
1/26/202109:00 AMCommercial Property Direct Vs. Indirect DamageWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP0126212
1/26/202111:00 AMABEN Top 5 Life Insurance UsesWebinar2LB,C1,LSB,LAABTOP50121
1/26/202101:00 PM15inONE CE Program: E&O (11 & 4)All Licenses*15IN101212
1/26/202101:00 PMCulture, Ethics and E&O: The Right Way To Run An AgencyWebinar3All Licenses*CEP012621
1/26/202101:00 PME&O Risk Mgmt: Updated & Meeting the Challenge of ChangeWebinar4All Licenses*WBEOR01212
1/27/202110:00 AMABEN Professional Dev & Acct Management - ACSR 5 - Part 1Webinar2All Licenses*AB51012721
1/27/202102:00 PMABEN Professional Dev & Acct Management - ACSR 5 - Part 2Webinar2All Licenses*AB52012721
1/27/202102:00 PMABEN EO Roadmap To Policy Analysis Part IIWebinar3All Licenses*ABEO20121
1/28/202109:00 AMABEN Little This a Little That:New Threats & PossibilitiesWebinar2PC,BR,C3,PAABLITT0121
1/28/202109:00 AMThe Small or Hobby Farm: Identifying & Insuring the RiskWebinar3PC,BR,C3,PACEP012821
1/28/202101:00 PMPersonal Lines Clients and Their New NormalWebinarFiled for CEFiled for CECEP0128212