Per the New York Department of Financial Services, you cannot receive CE credit for any course previously used for your license renewal (based on the course approval number).


DateTimeTitleAreaNYNY LicenseMeeting
6/13/202309:00 AMACSR 6 Commercial Property InsuranceWebinar7PC,BR,C3,PAWACSR60623
6/21/202309:00 AMACSR 6 Commercial Property InsuranceWebinarNANACTACS60623
8/16/202309:00 AMACSR 5 Professional Development and Account ManagementWebinar6All Licenses*WACSR50823
9/19/202309:00 AMACSR 7 Commercial Liability InsuranceWebinar7PC,BR,C3,PAWACSR70923
10/12/202309:00 AMACSR 8 Commercial Automobile InsuranceWebinar7PC,BR,C3,PAWACSR81023
10/17/202309:00 AMACSR 8 Commercial Automobile InsuranceWebinarNANACTACS81023
11/14/202309:00 AMACSR 9 Commercial Lines Related CoveragesWebinar7PC,BR,C3,PAWACSR91123